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GOE - coffee that gives grounds for hope

A good cup of coffee helps the world go round. From frappuccinos to macchiatos, from flat whites to skinny lattes, we get through over two billion cups of the stuff each day. So why not choose to drink a coffee that also makes the world a better place?

It’s good to talk

When you buy Garden of Eden coffee, you are helping people around the UK who need to talk. GOE coffee supports the work of Premier Lifeline: the national Christian helpline, an important service offering a listening ear, emotional and spiritual support from a Christian perspective to thousands of people every month.

Launched 25 years ago, this confidential telephone helpline is open 15 hours a day, every day of the year, with a well trained and supported team of more than 180 volunteers. 

Working with local communities

For many of us, coffee is a pleasant pick-me-up, but for millions of people across the world, coffee is their sole livelihood. Some 70% of the world’s coffee is produced by smallholder farmers in remote tropical regions, many of whom face a daily struggle to get sufficient income.

This is why every cup of GOE coffee you drink gives a little extra back to the cooperative communities of our coffee growers. We do this by paying an ethical premium on each of our blends of either 5% or 10% the price of a tonne of green coffee.

Good to talk

Bringing people together

A coffee break is sometimes exactly that. A chance to break down barriers and talk about personal things, things that really matter. Such as faith. From after-service gatherings to coffee mornings, sharing coffee and conversation is a crucial part of church life.

And some conversations can even lead to life-changing conversions.

So we want to share coffee. But we want to share coffee that not only tastes great and is environmentally and ethically sound, but also makes a difference to people who are struggling, in ill-health or simply need to talk to someone. We want our coffee to GOE…

GOE coffee and Premier

Garden of Eden coffee is a Premier Christian Communications initiative.

Premier is the UK’s largest Christian media organisation, founded 25 years ago as a single London-based radio station and complementary telephone helpline. It has since developed into a flourishing multi-media organisation operating multiple radio stations, magazines and interactive websites, as well as Premier Lifeline, which has listened to more than 1.5 million people over the past 25 year.

With an audience of more than a million people every week across the different media platforms, Premier represents a strong Christian voice in the UK, supporting people on their faith journey by providing spiritual nourishment, guidance and resources.