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The pros of using coffee pods

Coffee pods have created their fair share of controversy ever since they were first introduced. However, while there’s no doubt that this market was built around convenience – allowing individual consumers to make coffee to their own taste in the comfort of home – pods today deliver more than that. Coffee pods also make great coffee accessible, every time you brew. And although you might need the right machine to use them – and the experience can vary depending on the product you choose – the reality is that these single-serve coffee containers allow us to have exactly what we like to drink at home, when we want it and that’s something that is always going to be popular, whether we’re in the middle of a pandemic lockdown or not.

Why use coffee pods?

  • The balance of quality vs convenience. If you’re reading this then you’ve probably got standards when it comes to coffee and you’re not willing to compromise on quality even if you want your coffee to be quickly prepared. Coffee pods mean you get both convenience and coffee that is high quality and a joy to drink. Unless you’re a barista in training or have endless hours to grind and tamp (and clean), the convenience of simply adding water and your chosen pod to the machine is hard to beat.
  • Great coffee at the touch of a button. One of the big pros of coffee pods is that they will save you time. Whether that’s time you might have spent going out to get coffee from a vendor or grinding your own beans at home, using a coffee pod is simpler and faster.
  • A freshness advantage. Large bags of ground coffee start to lose their freshness as soon as they are opened but pods have the advantage that they are individual portions. No, they won’t be as fresh as just-ground coffee but they’re a close second.
  • Reliability when it comes to taste. If you’re using great quality coffee pods you know that you’re going to get the same great tasting coffee every, single time. Whether your favourite drink is a latte, espresso or mocha – or you like to mix it up – coffee pods guarantee a consistent taste experience with each one.
  • Broaden your coffee knowledge without the hassle and expense. If you’re trying to make a variety of coffees using a traditional machine then there is a lot to wrap your head around, from the espresso to what to do with the milk. Using coffee pods means you can enjoy a huge range of different brews without having to go through the slow and arduous process of preparing each step individually.
  • User friendly. Although mastering an espresso machine can be satisfying, no one would say it’s either a fast or easy process – and the cleaning up afterwards can be time consuming. Dedicated coffee makers that use pods tend to be very simple to handle and are designed to be easy and fast to clean.

Coffee pods have a lot to offer if you love your daily brew. From the consistency of taste to convenience without any compromise on quality, it’s easy to see why so many people have signed up for the pod experience. All our coffee blends are available in Nespresso friendly pods & capsules for the best cup of coffee at home…


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  1. Having recently reintroduced to the love of specialist coffees after many years in the wilderness of instant, I’m trying to find suitable coffee to match my beliefs and GOE looks like my home for Nespresso pods in future. I am hoping to buy my own small machine soon and then I’ll be ordering !!

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The pros of using coffee pods

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