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Variety Pack
100 Capsules

20 of each Bio Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

Heavenly Blend

A full 100 % Arabica blend, with a chocolatey aroma and sweet grape flavours. Origin Mexico and Peru organically certified. Strength: 7

Bright & Beautiful

A medium 100% Arabica blend, with malty caramel aromas and notes of butterscotch, strawberry, honey & citrus. Origin Brazil. Strength: 6

Fully Glorious

A spicy full Robusta & Arabica blend, with chocolatey and smokey flavour and notes of sweet marshmallow. Origin India & Brazil. Strength: 10

My Kind of Paradise

A full body Robusta & Arabica blend with a hint of nuttiness, and notes of tangerine and honey. Origin Honduras and Brazil. Strength: 8

Garden Blend

Organic medium roast 100% arabica blend. Sweet and fruity, with cherry and citrus notes. Strength: 6

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1 review for Premier Favourites
Variety Pack
100 Capsules

  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

    A fantastic mixture of strengths and tastes – we couldn’t pick a favourite and will definitely be buying this pack again, The bio pods are fantastic too.

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