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How to make the best coffee at home

As the current pandemic situation spirals around us and uncertainty taints future excitement and plans, many of us have been turning to our daily routines to keep us sane. The ritual of making a coffee – and then sitting back and enjoying it – can be a moment of pure pleasure in what might otherwise be a stressful or kind of boring day. Making a fantastic coffee can give you life, even if you haven’t seen your friends for weeks or you’re buried under homeschooling and working from home. These are our tips on how to get it right.

Get some great coffee

This may seem like a fairly obvious first step but may not be as simple as it sounds. Not every bag of coffee is great coffee. What you’re looking for is speciality coffee – i.e. coffee that the Speciality Coffee Association has decided is good enough to be included in this category based on factors such as how it is grown, processed, exported and roasted. . If you really want to push the boat out then buy your beans freshly roasted coffee through our online shop.

Grind the beans yourself

This probably sounds like an effort too far just to have some coffee right? The thing about coffee beans is that they start to lose flavour as soon as they’ve been ground so if it’s not you doing the grinding then the flavour is leaking out of your coffee in every minute before it gets to you. Coffee grinders are cheap and you can opt for either a hand grinder or an electric grinder (get a burr grinder rather than a blade grinder if you’re going electric as blade grinders just slice).

Find the coffee maker that works best for you

This is likely to be different for everyone and dependent on a range of factors, from your budget to how much time and effort you want to put into the process. A bean to cup espresso machine integrates the grinding process with making the coffee but you can also buy a traditional espresso machine where these are separate. Remember that there is quite an art to being a barista and it may take time to get it right – don’t expect your first attempts with a machine to be cafe standard. If you want something simpler then a straightforward filter coffee machine can produce a great cup. The pourover is one of the most basic ways to create a delicious coffee – you just need a filter, the pourover and a cup – or you can opt for the on trend Aeropress which uses a plunger mechanism to make the coffee and is very portable. Finally, there is the stove top coffee pot – or moka pot – which makes a good strong coffee that sits somewhere between a filter coffee and an espresso or the classic French press.

Making great coffee at home can be achieved in many different ways but the quality of the experience – and the finished taste – will always come down to the coffee itself. If you’re wanting to invest in some quality coffee to try yourself at home, check out our online shop…


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As the current pandemic situation spirals around us and uncertainty taints future excitement and plans, many of us have been turning to our daily routines

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